Roof Restoration Services

Sydney roof restoration Do you have a terracotta tiled roof that needs restoring? Welcome to CJM Roofing your terracotta roof restoration specialist. Terracotta roofs have been around for years and still today look attractive and natural. Whilst the terracotta roof is porous in nature and common for tiles to attract mould and algae the tile can be stripped back and restored to absolute beauty.

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Our qualified and professional team are highly experienced in tile roof restoration. Our attention to detail means that loose or cracked tiles are identified, repaired or replaced during the restoration process ensuring that your roof will be free of water leaks.

During our cleaning and preparation process we blast away the dirt, eroding moss and algae giving it a clean fresh surface for painting.

Every inch of your roof will be inspected for cracks, tile displacement, ridges and bedding with any repointing done prior to the application of our UV and fade resistant paint.

We have restored hundreds of roofs all with absolutely stunning results. We 100% guarantee the work we do and look forward to showing of your restoration to the rest of the street.

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